Interdisciplinary Science Building 244


This room is configured as an Active Learning Classroom. It Has a Standard WWU podium that includes: Dell PC computer, Document Camera, Blu Ray Player, Owl Camera, Wireless Lapel Microphone, HDMI connection for Laptops , It also has a Device known as a CYN APP, this allows a connection to the displays from a portable device ( Laptop, smart phone). 

The room has 6 Flat Screens, There is a control panel by each Flat Screen TV that will allow students to connect their personal devices to that Screen.

Here is a training video on how to operate the technology in this space. 

Please Note –This room does not have a projector 

Orientation Image

Room with Flat screen monitors and movable furniture

Instructor Station Image

top of podium showing monitor, control system and document camera

Equipment Rack

front of podium showing switcher and the Bluray player