Access to WWUwireless-Guest Temporarily Restricted to Address Network Slowness


Updates to the infrastructure continue to be put in place to address the bandwidth constraints the campus is experiencing during peak hours. If this week's efforts are successful, the guest wireless network may be restored as soon as next week. Thank you for your continued patience.


Today at 10:00am access to the internet on the WWUwireless-Guest network will be removed to temporarily address the bandwidth congestion that has been present the past couple days.


  • If you are connected to the WWUwireless-Guest, please disconnect and connect to the WWUwireless-Secure network.
  • Devices that have been connected to the WWUwireless-guest network because they do not support the wireless secure network (e.g., signboards, smart TVs) will not be impacted and should remain on WWUwireless-Guest.
  •  Guests needing access to the Wi-Fi may reach out to the ATUS Help Desk to be issued a guest account for the purpose of connecting to WWUWireless-Secure. A budget code will not be required for accounts created to address Wi-Fi access needs during this temporary restriction.

1/10— Due to a high volume of traffic returning to campus for winter quarter, many people are experiencing slow wireless connections, and occasionally not being able to connect at all. These difficulties may extend to use of the VPN as well. If you live on campus or do not have another location from which to access the internet, you can head to a computer lab on campus. Haggard Hall 101 and 112 are open 24/7. Wireless may be particularly slow during peak hours, roughly 12-3pm.


1/04 — The annual updating of security certificates on our wireless network was completed on January 4, 2023. You may need to "forget" the WWUwireless-Secure network on your device before you can reconnect to the wireless network. More wireless information can be found at Wireless & Networking | ATUS | Western Washington University (