Winter 2018 Events

Professional Development Opportunities with ATUS - Winter 2018

Chris Powell providing tips on accessibility in the Faculty Drop-in Center.Please join us this Winter 2018 for a variety of exciting new professional development opportunities! See Events page for details.

ATUS has developed many new and exciting professional development opportunities for Western faculty, staff, and students on such topics as leveraging mobile tools for the classroom, making your course accessible, and designing online assessment.  

Empowering Technologies Series
Developed by the ATUS Teaching, Learning, & Technology team, this new workshop series focuses on utilizing the seven key areas of “Empowering Tech” strategies to function as action-oriented citizens in our technology-centered world. These include: Identity, Security, Print, Audio, Video, Social Media, Critical Information Assessment. This curriculum will be offered as professional development opportunities throughout the year or can be requested as a session for a class, program, or department.

This quarter, the Empowering Technology series presents:

Print - Rising from the Dead
Print is one of the oldest forms of mass communication, even in the digital age, yet can still be a powerful and extremely effective method of communicating. Explore the basics of producing printed material such as posters, flyers, and booklets using a variety of simple-to-use and readily-available tools.

MacGyverTech - Using the Tools You Have on You
Did you know that your mobile phone can be a voice-activated personal assistant to help with your work and teaching tasks? This, and many other helpful ideas, are all part of MacGyverTech, a presentation that shines the light on ways to level-up the technology you carry with you.

Exciting new webinar
Winter 2018 brings a new webinar viewing in the Faculty Drop-in Center:  

Incorporating 360-Degree Assessment into Your Classroom
Wed. Feb. 28, 10-11, Haggard Hall 154 (Faculty Drop-in Center)
Traditional formative assessment strategies involve instructor assessment, peer feedback, or self-reflection. 360-degree assessment is an improved approach that combines all three of these assessment strategies to support a greater culture of growth and foster student ownership and critical thinking skills.

Please drop in to watch with us.

Monday Morning Mentor moves to Monday afternoon
Join Justina Brown in the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment for short, weekly video presentations on such topics as secrets to making effective educational videos, aligning learning objectives with technology, and making exams more accessible, and much more.  Connect and collaborate with peers after each presentation over coffee or tea.

Now at a new time:  Monday mornings throughout Winter Quarter, 11:30-12:15, Haggard Hall 154 (Faculty Drop-in Center).

Each Monday, a new online teaching strategy video is made available and accessible for seven days. Even if you cannot join us, you can watch the videos on your own via the link on the Monday Morning Mentor Canvas site (click Join this Course).

Presentations and Workshops
Every quarter, ATUS and CIIA offer several workshops, demonstrations, and presentations on relevant instructional strategies and technologies, often partnering with University partners such as Extended Education, Western Libraries, and the Learning Commons.  Our professional development schedule has something for everyone!

Professional Development Schedule

For more information, please feel free to contact Justina Brown at or 360-650-7210 for more information.