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Are you new to WWU? This checklist will help you access the technology resources you need. 

Steps everyone needs to take to connect with Western technology

Additional Resources for Students and Faculty

Additional Resources for Faculty & Staff

Access to shared files, group mailboxes and other shared resources

Faculty, staff and student employees frequently need access to information stored on a secure network drive, group mailbox, SharePoint site, or within an administrative application like Banner. 

  1. Talk to someone in your department (e.g., supervisor, office manager, the head of the department) to find out what information you need to access. Contact the Help Desk if you need assistance figuring out what to request. It helps if you can provide the name of someone who already has the access you need. 
  2. Ask your supervisor or the head of your department to request this access on your behalf. Again the Help Desk can provide guidance to help you obtain the necessary approvals and access. 
  3. In many cases your supervisor will need to request access for you via email or an eSign webform. You will be notified once your access has been approved and added, and instructions for accessing the information will be provided. 

For more information on the administrative applications available:
Visit the Enterprise Application Systems department's site

Do you need to create a new shared resource like an email distribution list, group mailbox, shared file storage, or a group web page? The Help Desk can assist you with finding the right tool for the job!

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