Urgent Reboot of Services Today starting at 3:00 PM

4/15/2020, 4:50 PM: All services have been restored but some will take a bit of time before they return to full service. If you notice any issues with campus systems or applications, other than slower responsiveness for a few hours, please contact the Help Desk.

4/15/2020, 4:10 PM: The virtual service management system has rebooted, and servers are starting to come back online. Esign Web Forms are working again.

*****Original Message Follows*****
4/15/2020, 3:00 PM: To prevent a large-scale disruption of a number of services, an urgent reboot of our virtual service management system is required this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. It is difficult to estimate the time frame for the outage but our best estimate currently is that it will take about an hour.

Although many systems and services will be impacted, the services that could impact the largest number of users include:

  • msfs-share, which includes the P: drive (facshare) and S: drive (class)
  • CampusWeb - static HTML pages not on drupal
  • ATUS Media Server (contains TLT and STC-related websites/services)
  • AiM IQ (BI functions in AiM)
  • Electronic Access Control (doors will still work, but FM won't be able to update access when the server is down)
  • Student/Employee Photos Server (Western Card Office)
  • Esign Web Forms
  • EMS
  • Bullseye Targeted Messaging

The system affects several departmental virtual servers as well as development and test servers. Departmental staff have been notified.