Winter 2020 Events

Winter 2020 Events & Professional Development

Learning about instructional strategies and technologies is never-ending. To help the Western teaching community strengthen our repertoire, ATUS and CIIA share professional development offerings each term. For past events, see the Events Archive. For software training in Office and Adobe products, go to the HR Learning Library and search for "Student Technology Center."

We welcome one-on-one trainings and consultations via our Learning Systems staff.

Online Teaching & Learning Videos

On-Demand Access to the Monday Morning Mentor weekly 20-minute videos

Monday Morning Mentor delivers a 20-minute online program each week, addressing some of today’s most important academic issues. Each program video is available for on-demand viewing for one full week. A Certificate of Attendance is also available. Please access the materials from our Canvas site:

Monday Morning Mentor – Click to "Join this Course" and you will receive weekly announcements when a new video is released as well as access to an archive of supplemental documents to these videos.

Here are the video presentations available this Winter:

  • 01/27: What is the Best Teaching Advice I Ever Received?
  • 02/03: How Can Online Instructors Better Manage Their Workload?
  • 02/10: How Can I Cost-Effectively Use Virtual Reality to Enhance Instruction?
  • 02/17: How Can Media Richness Theory and Social Presence Theory Improve My Instruction?
  • 02/24: What Technology and Tools Do I Need to Create a Podcast for My Students?
  • 03/02: How Can Change Management Principles Help New Educational Programs Succeed?
  • 03/09: How Can I Become a Better Online Instructor?
  • 03/16: How Can I Write a Course Syllabus That's Worth Reading?
  • 03/23: What Teaching Strategies Help Engage All Learners Online?
  • 03/30: How Do I Master Mastery Grading?

Access to the programs in the Monday Morning Mentor series is restricted to members of Western Washington University as the subscribing institution. The series is co-sponsored by the CIIA and Extended Education. 


Western employees may enjoy this year-long subscription to Magna Publications Webinars, co-sponsored by the CIIA and Outreach and Continuing Education. These topical online seminars, presented by prominent academic leaders, are great for faculty and staff seeking timely and effective professional development.

Each webinar will be available for on-demand viewing for one year from the date below. Please access the materials from our Canvas site: 

CIIA/ATUS ProDev – Click to "Join this Course" and you will receive announcements when a new webinar is available as well as access to an archive of supplemental documents to these webinars. Access to the webinars is restricted to members of Western Washington University as the subscribing institution.

Here are the webinars available this winter:

  • 02/07: Designing Learning Spaces for Optimal Student Engagement
  • 02/13: Understanding Open Educational Resources (OER): A Powerful Solution for Both Faculty and Students
  • 02/20: Teaching Underprepared Students to Take Control of Their Learning by Developing Metacognitive Skills
  • 02/25: Understanding Negative and Toxic Leadership and How to Overcome It
  • 02/27: Title IX Procedures: Reviewing the Final Regulation and What Your Institution Needs to Do to Comply
  • 03/05: Practical Ways to Support First-Generation College Students in the College Classroom
  • 03/11: Assessment Strategies for Mastery Learning in Large Session Classes

Online Ideas for Teaching and Learning

Not able to meet in person?  Join us online!  This quarter we're offering more self-guided professional development opportunities through Canvas.

Customized Professional Development

Let us meet you where you are! This year, ATUS Learning Systems/CIIA is reaching out to provide professional development at times and locations that are convenient to departments, faculty, and staff.  We can customize our professional development to meet the immediate pedagogical and technical needs in the Western community. To discuss ways we can provide small group or department-wide offerings, please feel free to contact us. 

Following are some examples of professional development opportunities that we have provided in the past: 

  • Liberating Yourself from the Classroom with Screencast-O-Matic
  • The ABCs of Making Your Canvas Course Accessible
  • Making the Grade: Ensuring Graded Assessments Do What You Intend
  • Going Beyond Polling with Socrative
  • Using Open Educational Resources

For more information, please feel free to contact Justina Brown at or 360-650-7210 for more information.

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