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Results of 2018 Survey of Technology

Each year ATUS administers the EDUCAUSE Student Survey of Technologies. EDUCAUSE is a national organization serving higher education technology professionals. They administer student and faculty surveys which ATUS deploys at our campus and uses to measure student and faculty opinions on a wide variety of technology issues.

A summary of the 2018 results are available from EDUCAUSE here. ATUS has analyzed our own results summarized in three key findings:

Student Ownership of Laptops is 90%+

  1. Laptops are the Tool of Choice. Student ownership of laptops is above 90%. Three-fourths of our students report using a laptop in all of their courses. And, 92% reported that the laptop was “Very Important” to their success at Western.
  2. Computer Labs are Still Relevant. Sixty-Two percent (62%) of our students indicated that desktop computers were “Very Important” to student success. Yet, only 54% of our students reported owning a desktop computer. As much as 43% of our students borrow (from either a friend or from the university) a desktop computer which is higher than the 34% reported from other Master’s granting institutions.
  3. Students Want Canvas Used and Used Well. More than two-thirds (69%) report that Canvas is used in all of their courses. And, three-fourths (75%) reported satisfaction with Canvas as the Learning Management System.


A presentation summary of these results is available here.

ATUS is responding by offering more support to laptop users. Starting this year we extended all laptop loan periods to four hours, we began loaning laptop charging batteries from the Student Tech Center,  and we began offering iPads supporting the Apple Pencil tool for those who prefer taking notes with that method.

Our 2019 survey to students will be available during the month of February. Plus, we will be releasing the faculty survey between February 14 and March 14, 2019. Results will be available by October of 2019.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 9:25am