FROM & REPLY-TO Email Address Changing to


During the week of December 17, there will be an update to our email system that will change employee From/Reply email addresses to Most recipients of your messages will not notice the change because email messages you send will typically show your display name (e.g., Sally Viking), not your email address. 

This change does not affect any address which you use to receive email. Messages sent to employee addresses will continue to be delivered to your mailbox along with messages sent to your Student email addresses are already set up as


  • Use your when you communicate with “things”, like registering a new account for an external or cloud service or when signing into services like Office 365 and Canvas.
  • You may tell people that your email address is It’s often easier for humans to remember and it may look better in print (business cards, publications).
  • You may need to re-subscribe to some services like listserv lists if you are currently subscribed using your address, but only if these are lists that you send messages to. You will still receive messages the list sends out, because your will continue to receive messages, but when you try to send to that list from you may receive a message asking you to subscribe with that address.   To avoid having a duplicate subscription to the list, you may want to contact the list owner to ask them to change the email address on your subscription.
    • You do not need to take this action for any Western listservs because it will be taken care of for you.
    • When you subscribed to the list, you should have received a welcome message with instructions that would include contacting the list owner. In many cases the following will work: Send a message to asking them to update your subscription email address.


Most external services will not need to be updated since they will still be able to reach you at your address. If you encounter any issues that you believe are related to the change in your address, please contact the Help Desk with the details.

Q. Isn’t my email address?
As a faculty or staff member, you currently have (at least) two addresses that deliver to your mailbox. These are not changing:

  • is your actual email address.
  • delivers messages to your mailbox but is actually just a human-friendly alias

Q:Why make this change? Why should my messages go out from
A: The university has adopted many cloud services in recent years, and we provide single sign-on passwords for many cloud services like Canvas and Office 365 using your as the way to identify your account. These services expect your account username and email address to be the same, so they do not work well when you send messages from an alias like also encounter problems when faculty and staff sign-up for free services using their, and later we try to offer single-sign-on for that service. This change allows us to establish as the standard for sending messages and for signing into cloud services. 

Q: Why do cloud services have a problem with 
A: Most cloud services do not recognize secondary email addresses. They recognize only your actual email address, which is This becomes a problem with services that send email notifications and allow you to respond. The service doesn't recognize you when it receives the reply from your address.  

Q: Will people I regularly correspond with notice the change?  
A: Most of your recipients will not notice the change, because most modern email clients display only your name, and require you to click an option to see the actual email address. However some recipients will notice the change. They may ask you if you have a new email account, and which address they should use. Fortunately they will be able to reach you at either address.  

Q: Why not make our cloud username, and make the secondary alias? 
A: Your actual email address needs to be something that will not change and will never be duplicated by a future employee,  just like your username. The address is something we can offer as a more personalized address that is easier for people to remember and that looks nice on business cards. 

Q: Do student employees have a address option?
A: Student employees have only