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Microsoft Online Services (Office 365) issues resolved

9/28/2020, 7:30 PM, RESOLVED: Microsoft has fully resolved the issues Western and other Microsoft customers were experiencing most acutely between 2:50 and 5:50 PM. If you continue to experience any issues please restart your computer and contact the ATUS Help Desk at if that does not resolve the problem.

9/28/2020, 5:05 PM: Microsoft has identified an issue and are routing login requests around it. They have not changed the status, but we have received reports that some are now able to sign in. Please try again if you were not able to access Outlook, Zoom, Canvas, or other services earlier today. We were finally able to access our distribution lists and have sent an update via email to all faculty, staff, and students.

9/28/2020, 4:00 PM: Update from Microsoft: "We've identified that reverting the recent change did not alleviate impact to Microsoft services as expected. We're working to explore additional options for mitigation." While the login screen may be reachable for some at this time, it may not work. Many services still work as long as you are already signed in, but some services like Teams have had issues beyond the login availability. 

9/28/2020, 3:30 PM: Microsoft has identified a change that caused the issue and they are in the process of rolling it back. The Help Desk phone line, and other Teams Voice call queues, have been affected and are not able to receive calls consistently. Unfortunately we are unable to email all students, faculty, and staff at this time because of issues related to this outage.

9/28/2020, 2:50 PM: Multiple Microsoft online services may be unavailable at this time. The Help Desk has reports of people not being able to access Teams or join meetings, login to Outlook, OneDrive, Canvas, Zoom, and more. The issue appears to affect Microsoft customers beyond Western.