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Skype for Business - Manage Your Presence

Skype for Business users have been upgraded to Teams Voice as of November, 2020. Click here for help with Teams Voice.


Presence is an availability indicator that is displayed in Skype for Business, Outlook and Office 365. This indicator will appear for individuals who:

  • Use a Skype for Business Enterprise Voice (Voice over IP) telephone
  • Have chosen to use the Skype for Business software client for instant messaging and online meetings
  • Are signed into Office 365 via a Web browser

Microsoft defines presence as:

  • Your availability status (Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb, Be Right Back, Off Work, Away)
  • A color-coded indicator of your status that appears in Skype, Outlook and throughout Office 365
  • Your schedule, but only your free vs busy time unless you have granted more detailed access to individuals or groups
  • Your location, but only if you allow individuals or groups to see it
  • Your out-of-office message or other custom personal notes you choose to display

Managing Your Status

You can control your status manually, but Skype for Business will also automatically update your status to "Busy" when you are in a scheduled meeting or appointment that appears on your Outlook calendar. Skype Enterprise Voice users will also appear busy when they are on a telephone call.

Allowing others to see your status improves communication by showing others you are available and it also gives you a way to politely show that you do not wish to be disturbed. However you can modify your relationship with someone if you wish for them to see more or less information about you. When you add another Western contact to your Skype for Business client, their relationship will default to "Colleague." You can right-click their name and change the privacy relationship: 

Change Privacy Relationship

Additional Information

Read Control access to your presence for answers to the following questions:

  • What exactly is presence information?
  • Which privacy levels give access to what information?
  • Can I hide my location?