Security Key Purchase and Reimbursement for Employees

Security Key Purchasing Process 

  • The employee who needs the security key completes and submits the Employee Security Key Request Form (one form per employee). 
    • If the employee qualifies for an ITS-reimbursable key, the form will route to the supervisor. If the employee does not qualify for an ITS-reimbursable key, the form will notify the employee requesting the key and the process stops. 
  • After receiving the request form, the supervisor will either:
    • approve the form (in this case, the form then routes to the department purchaser / budget authority.); OR
    • not approve the form (in this case, the form process stops.)
  • After receiving supervisor-approved request forms, the department purchaser / budget authority will either: 
    • coordinate the purchase of keys through their department (ITS encourages this option since department/group purchases of university-provided keys are reimbursable by ITS); OR 
    • direct the employee to purchase a key directly from a provider for home or office delivery. Note: Personal purchases are not reimbursable. 

Recommended and Supported Security Keys

The keys we recommend are:

The main difference between the two is the method they use to connect to a computer. USB Type-A is the rectangle-shaped connector while the USB Type-C is the rounded connector typically found on newer devices. From a security standpoint, both perform identically. 

After receiving their security key, the employee sets up and registers the key. If the employee has not already set up a second factor, ITS encourages them to set up and register the key by February 15, 2023, to avoid any account disruption.  

Security Key Reimbursement Process  

Departments may seek reimbursement from ITS for the purchase of security keys made for qualified employees/purchases. To qualify for reimbursement, a security key purchase must meet these four requirements:  

  • ITS-recommended key models 
  • employee is not receiving a cell phone stipend 
  • employee does not have a Western-provided cell phone 
  • employee has not already received a security key (i.e., one key reimbursement per employee) 
  1. Department sends email to Diane Bateman for one reimbursement of all qualified employee keys in the department:
    • Subject line: “MFA Keys – Request for Reimbursement”.
    • Include or attach 1) purchase documentation, and 2) a list of names of employees whose key purchases are being reimbursed to the department.
    • Include appropriate FOAPAL for the credit of funds from ITS. The expense code is E402. You may include activity code KEYMFA (optional).
    • Email the request by March 15, 2023.
  2. ITS will process JV reimbursements by March 31, 2023. 
    • Note: ITS will not reimburse departments for security keys purchased after March 15, 2023.