Read or manage myWestern Announcements

Reading Announcements

Go to MyWestern and log in. Select the News and Events or the Home tab and in the center column you'll see the new Announcements Channel. Note the Topic column at far left, and the Announcement itself in the right column. Also notice you can click on the Announcement title, shown in blue, to see more information.

Read Announcements

Change Your Subscriptions

You are subscribed to all Topics unless you decide to unsubscribe by selecting theMy Subscriptions button at the bottom of the announcements. Once you go to My Subscriptions you will be able to uncheck the Topic areas that are not of interest to you. Note that the official Western communication channels (Employee Announcements, Student Announcements, etc) cannot be unsubscribed, and therefore are greyed out.

Create or edit announcements (staff and faculty only)