Printing from Mobile Devices and Laptops with Everyone Print (EVPrint)

Everyone Print logo

Print from Mobile Devices or Wireless Laptops while connected on Campus: Go to

  • Log in using your universal username and password
  • Prints will be charged to your WWU Print Balance
  • An EveryonePrint sign identifies available printers

How to Upload and Print a Document in EVPrint:

  1. Log into using your universal username and password
  2. On the My Print Jobs tab, click Browse to select the file to print, then click Open
  3. Click Next to upload the document to the EveryonePrint system
  4. Optional - Click Advanced to:
    • print more than 1 copy
    • a range of pages
    • choose single-sided printing

      Note: Printing to a black and white printer costs $0.05 per page of the document, not per sheet of paper used. Printing to a color printer costs $0.25 per page even if you select "print in black/white..."
  5. When you are ready to print: Select the printer and click the green PRINT button.

To cancel printing, click Delete on the right side of the window. If Delete is not available, click Refresh.

EVPrint Printer Locations:

Building Printer Name Type
Academic West 300-Color Printer EVPrint-AcademicWest300 Color
Academic West 306 Printer A EVPrint-AcademicWest306-a B/W
Academic West 306 Printer B EVPrint-AcademicWest300-b B/W
Academic West 308 EVPrint-AcademicWest308 B/W
Arntzen Hall 02 EVPrint-ArntzenHall02 B/W
Arntzen Hall 05 EVPrint-ArntzenHall05 B/W
Birnam Wood 101 EVPrint-BirnamWood101 B/W
Buchanan Towers Computer Lab EVPrint-BuchananTowersCompLab B/W
Communications 024 EVPrint-CommunicationFacility24 B/W
Communications 161 EVPrint-CommunicationFacility161 B/W
Edens Hall 439 EVPrint-EdensHall439 B/W
Fairhaven College 107 EVPrint-FairhavenCollege107 B/W
Fine Arts 101 Printer 1 EVPrint-FineArts101-1 B/W
Haggard Hall 101 EVPrint-HaggardHall101 B/W
Haggard Hall 112 EVPrint-HaggardHall112 B/W
Haggard Hall 233 EVPrint-HaggardHall233 B/W
Haggard Hall 245 EVPrint-HaggardHall245 B/W
Higginson Hall 294 EVPrint-HigginsonHall294 B/W
Mathes Hall 913 EVPrint-MathesHall913 B/W
Nash Hall 740 EVPrint-NashHall740 B/W
Ridgeway Beta EVPrint-RidgeBeta B/W
Ridgeway Commons EVPrint-RidgeCommon B/W
Ridgeway Kappa EVPrint-RidgeKappa B/W
STC Library Printer A EVPrint-STCLibraryPrinterA B/W
STC Library Printer B EVPrint-STCLibraryPrinterB B/W
STC Library Printer C EVPrint-STCLibraryPrinterC B/W
VU MCC 7th Floor EVPrint-VU-ADMIN-HPM4345 B/W
Wilson Library 2 East EVPrint-WilsonLibrary2East B/W
Wilson Library Skybridge 1 EVPrint-WilsonLibrarySkybridge1 B/W

For additional information or to report problems, please contact the ATUS Help Desk,, 360.650.3333