Open an Outlook Shared Mailbox on a mobile device

We recommend Microsoft's Outlook app for accessing your personal WWU email and calendar from a mobile device, but unfortunately the Outlook app does not yet support shared mailboxes and calendars. It does allow you to access Office 365 Group calendars, but not a simple shared mailbox calendar. Until Microsoft adds this functionality to the Outlook app, there are two ways to access shared mailbox resources from your Android or iOS mobile device:

Using an IMAP mail app to access a shared mailbox (does not support calendar)

The following example describes how to do this using the native Mail app for iOS, but the same settings should work on an Android based mail app that supports IMAP.

  1. Add a new Email account. On iOS you do this by opening the SETTINGS app and then tapping Accounts & Passwords. Tap the Add Account option to begin.
  2. Ignore the options for Exchange and Outlook. Tap the option that says OTHER
  3. Tap Add Mail Account
  4. On the New Account screen enter the following and tap NEXT
    Name Enter the name of the shared mailbox
    Email Enter the address of the shared mailbox
    Password Enter YOUR  WWU universal password
    Description Enter the name of the shared mailbox again
  5. Select IMAP on the next screen and enter the following before you tap NEXT 

    Host Name (Incoming Mail Server)
    User Name
    Password Your WWU universal password (this might already be filled in since you entered it on the previous screeen)
    SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server)
    User Name
    Password Your WWU universal password
  6. You may see a message at the top saying it is "verifying" your settings. This might take a minute. Then you will be prompted to select what you want to sync. Mail should be the only thing selected. Tap the SAVE button.

  7. Open the Mail app and select the new mailbox you added. The messages should load.

IMPORTANT! Whenever you change your universal password, you will need to update both your Incoming and Outgoing passwords on this account.

Using a mobile web browser like Safari or Chrome to access both the shared mailbox and shared calendar

Accessing a shared mailbox on a mobile browser is not very convenient, because you have to request the desktop site, which doesn't always work well. Fortunately shared calendars are usually accessible in the mobile browser view. 

  1. Login to OWA (the Outlook web app) as yourself.
  2. Tap on the Calendar view
  3. Tap on the triple-bar icon in the upper left corner to view and select other calendars
NOTE: If you experience problems accessing a shared mailbox or calendar, contact the Help Desk for assistance. Due to differences in mobile device software, as well as shared mailbox configurations, we can't guarantee that shared mailboxes and calendars will be accessible from every mobile device.