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Office 365 FAQs for Student Transition to

The following information applies to students, faculty and staff. However many of the questions are specifically targeted for students who are transitioning from the Office 365 environment to the Office 365 environment.

Questions about Email

Why did student email addresses change from to

The reasons for the change are outlined on this page: Office 365 for Students, Faculty and Staff This page lists many benefits of moving students into the Office 365 environment. In short, this change provides more features to students and makes it easier for students to collaborate with faculty and staff.

When will I be able to access my Office 365 account?

You can already! All students were migrated to the new Office 365 account and mailbox on July 8, 2016. More than 6,000 students upgraded early during the months of May and June.

Where is my email? 

You will need to sign-in to your old mailbox to see your old messages, calendar, contact, OneDrive, etc. We recommend that you forward important messages from your mailbox to your new mailbox. If you need to move large numbers of messages over, you can use the Outlook client for Windows to export your old email.

How can I save my email from my old mailbox so I will have access to it after December?

You can forward important messages to your new address, but if you have a lot of messages you want to save you can use the Outlook client for Windows or Mac to export email to a file. Export or backup email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file

How long will I have access to my email and/or OneDrive for Business files in the old environment?

You will have access to the old Office 365 environment until December. We will notify all students via email before access to that environment is disabled.

How can I get to Office 365 if I can't get to myWestern?

Go to

Questions about Smartphones and other Mobile Devices

How can I access my email and Office 365 from my smartphone or tablet?

See our instructions here: Connect to Your New Account

What Office 365 apps are available for my mobile device?

You can find many free Microsoft apps in the app stores for iOS, Android and Windows mobile. Popular apps include Outlook for mail and calendar, OneDrive for Business, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for Business, Office Lens, Delve, Outlook Groups, Sway, Office 365 Video and Yammer. Always sign in as and use your Western universal password.


Questions about OneDrive for Business

Where are my OneDrive files?

Your new mailbox is part of a new Office 365 account that comes with a new OneDrive for Business. Your old OneDrive for Business files will still be part of your old Office 365 environment. Sign-in to your old mailbox and go to your OneDrive from the apps grid to see your old files.

How can I move my OneDrive files from my old OneDrive to my new OneDrive?

If you do not have many files, you can simply download the files to your computer using the Web interface, and then upload them to your new OneDrive for Business that you sign into If you have many files, it will be easier to sync OneDrive to your computer. This currently requires a Windows computer. Go to your OneDrive and click the SYNC button at the top. Follow the instructions to sync OneDrive to your computer. After you sync, you can upload the files and folders to your new OneDrive for Business. You can also streamline this by using the Sync button from that OneDrive as well.

If I shared a file or folder with someone else, will I need to share that same file or folder with them again after I moved it to my new OneDrive for Business?

Unfortunately moving your files and folders will require you to share them again. You will also lose the previous version history for those files. As long as you leave copies of those files and folders in your old OneDrive, they will be accessible to anyone you shared them with until December. However we recommend that you share the files again from your new OneDrive for Business, and disable sharing for the files in your old OneDrive for Business. Or simply delete everything in your old OneDrive for Business after you verify that the files have been moved successfully.

Questions about Office 365 Groups and Other Features

I particpated in, or owned, an Office 365 Group in the environment. Will that group also exist in the new environment?

Office 365 Groups cannot be moved or copied between different Office 365 environments. Owners of Office 365 Groups in the environment will need to re-create any groups they own in the environment. They will also need to decide whether or not to move content like files or OneNote notebooks that were shared with the group. After the group has been created in the new environment, you will need to join it. Unfortunately the conversation history from the old environment will be lost as well, but you probably have copies of those messages in your mailbox.

What kind of Office 365 license plan do I have? Business or Education?

Your license plan is Office 365 for Business, which includes more features and apps than the standard Education plan.