November, 2017, Subject: Action Required From You

ShareFile is a legitimate third party file sharing service, but it is not a service that Western subscribes to. The name sounds like "SharePoint," which is a Microsoft product that Western does use. ShareFile, Dropbox, or any file sharing service may be used maliciously. Treat these invitations just as you would treat unexpected email attachments: If you are are not expecting it, and you do not know the person who sent it: Delete the message. If you are not expecting it, and you do recognize the person who sent the link or attachment: Contact them to see if they really did intend to share something with you.

The remote site that this message tries to direct you to has been blocked from access on Western's wired and wireless networks. If you clicked the link before it was blocked, we urge you to change your universal password and secret questions/answers right away, even if you do not remember entering your credentials. A full virus scan of your computer is also recommended. Please contact the ATUS Help Desk at 360-650-3333 for assistance. 

Phishing Example: Action Required From