Lecture Capture: Record Your Presentation with Relay 5

What is Relay 5?

Relay 5 (formerly known as Camtasia Relay) is the campus-wide lecture capture tool that allows faculty to record online and in-class lectures. Recordings are uploaded to a local, streaming server and a link is emailed to the presenter to share. Smart playback allows viewers to play recordings on any device (PC, Mac, mobile devices) in the best format for the device.

Relay 5 New Features

How to Begin

To begin using Relay 5 simply download the recorder.

To Download the Relay 5 Recorder:

  1. Go to https://techrelay.wwu.edu
  2. Login using your cloud credentials. This is your userID followed by @wwu.edu (ex.smithj@wwu.edu)
  3. Your password will remain the same
  4. Go to Client Downloads to find the version appropriate for your operating system (Mac or Win)
  5. After downloading the zip or exe, run it for the install wizard

Get started using the software

  • To learn how to create your first recording with Relay 5 watch this brief video (3:46 minutes)
  • Or, simply launch Relay 5 from a classroom computer to record your presentation live. Most classrooms are configured to capture audio from the installed wireless lapel microphone. If your classroom is not working as expected, please contact the technical supervisor for Classroom Services.


Additional Information

If you have any issues pertaining to your account, uploaded Relay videos, or desktop software, contact Chris Powell, Instructional Technologist with ATUS and Relay Admin, at x4159 or cpowell@wwu.edu.