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How To Prepare Your Canvas Course For a Student With An Incomplete

Before the end of the term, an instructor can configure their course to allow a student taking an incomplete continual access to the Canvas course.

Add a new section

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Select the Sections tab
  3. Enter the name of the section you wish to create
  4. Click Add Section

Add a New Section to your canvas course

Edit the section to add start/end dates

Click on the title of the section you just created.

‚ÄčClick Section Title of the Course you Created

Click the Edit Section button

Edit Section


Enter the start date. The start date is the first day the student will have be able to participate in the course. (3)

Enter the end date. The end date is the last day the student will be able to participate in the course. (4)

Click 'Update Section' (5)

Update new section

Add student and instructor to new section

  1. Click on 'People' in the course navigation
  2. Click the gear icon at the far right of the student/teacher you wish to add to the section
  3. Select 'Edit Sections' for the student/teacher

NOTE: If you forget to add yourself to the section, you will not be able to grade the student submissions.

Add student and instructor to new section

Start typing the name of the section and it will auto-populate below (4)

OR click on the book icon and locate the section (5)

Click on the correct section you wish to add the student/teacher to. (6)

Click 'Update' (7)

Section enrollments

Confirm enrollment in new section

From the People page you should see the student and instructor added to the new section.

confirm enrollment

Accept invitation to new section

Both student and instructor will need to accept the invitation to the new section in order to participate

Accept Invitation

Edit assignment availability dates (if applicable)

If you have set availability dates for assignments and quizzes, you will need to edit/remove those dates so the student can participate in the activity.

  1. Click 'Edit'
  2. Add new dates or remove the dates completely.

NOTE: The course is already concluded for the rest of the class, so no one else will be able to access these assignments.

Edit availability dates