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How do I Customize Profile Settings in Canvas Account?

Account Settings: Profile, Add Email, Web Services, Download Content

Profile settings are now accessed through the 'Account' icon in the left-side global navigation. You'll find that under these settings you can upload a profile picture, add contact method (email or cell number), register web services or download assignment submissions and course content.

Access profile settings from the account icon in the global navigation

Click either 'Profile' or 'Settings' to get to the main settings page.


Add profile picture

Click on the image of a gray silhouette and you will be prompted to browse for an image to upload.


Add email address or other contact method

Click the 'Add Email Address' or 'Add Contact Method' option to add additional email addresses or a cell phone number to allow you to receive Canvas notifications with a non-WWU email or as a text message. Email adresses and phone numbers are private and are not shared with other Canvas users.


Adding an email.

Fill in the text box with the email you'd like to notifications through. Again, your added email is private and other Canvas users won't be able to see it.


Adding text message notifications

Adding a number for text alerts just requires the number of the device and the carrier. The SMS email field will be filled in automatically unless you are using a carrier that is not in the drop down box.


Register other web services to your Canvas account

You can link Canvas with other web services that you already use. The web services available are Google Drive, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter and Delicious.  

  1. You can specify if you want other Canvas users to see the services you have registered.
  2. To register a web service click on the tool you wish to register and follow the prompts. You will be asked for the username and password for your web tool account.

Download submissions (students)

The 'Download Submissions' option allows students to download all assignment submissions they have made in Canvas throughout their academic career here at WWU. The zip package that will be downloaded is organized by course and term and contains all assignment submissions, so it's easy to find specific submissions.


Download course content (instructors)

The 'Download Course Content' option allows instructors to download their Canvas courses in an ePub format that can be viewed by any eReader software such as IBooks or Google Play Books.