Customize myWestern

The myWestern portal can be customized to display portal content (also called “channels” or “portlets”) in locations that you specify. Most channels can be moved or removed altogether. Only those channels that relate key campus information in the form of announcements and news must remain in the center of your Home tab.

Moving or Removing Channels

To move a channel, simply click and drag on the channel’s titlebar.

myWestern Title Bar

To remove a channel, select the “x” in the channel’s titlebar. If you make a mistake and wish to revert to the standard layout, choose the “customize” link at the top of the page, then select the “Revert to default layout” option. Note that a few channels cannot be removed and therefore do not have the close button.

myWestern Close Box


Customizing the Portal (video)

View the video on how to customize the Portal

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How Do I Get Help?

Contact the ATUS Help Desk at 650-3333 or Comments and feedback can be submitted to