Create a personal web page using MyWeb or WordPress

WWU provides web site space for every faculty, staff or student on campus. Access to these files is controlled by logging in with your username, so no one else can modify your work. Students have up to 500 MB (megabytes) of storage, and faculty and staff have up to 1 GB (gigabyte) of storage available. This space is perfect for those that wish to work directly with HTML and CSS, although Adobe Dreamweaver can also be used. However if you’re not interested in coding, our Self-Serve WordPress is recommended as an easier, free, and more powerful solution.

MyWeb requires a U: Drive. Request a U: Drive

Your U: Drive will map automatically on a university owned Windows computers, like those in the computer labs. On university owned Macs the U: Drive will be available from an icon on the desktop. 
If you are using your personally owned computer, you will need to map the U: Drive manually.

Create your personal web page

  1. Create a folder in your U: Drive titled myweb
  2. ​Create an index.html file within this U:\myweb folder
    • All of your html code, image files, and other resources for your website should also be put within the myweb folder or within a subfolder.
    • Some experience in HTML code and/or a Dreamweaver-like program would be sufficient to add content to this otherwise blank web page. 
    • If you would like some basic HTML training, visit the Student Technology Center's website

Access your personal web page

Use the address template below that matches your role at the university. Remember to change username to your actual username