Canvas Procedures for Start of the Term

Copy From An Existing Canvas Course 

You can import all content or select specific items from a previously taught Canvas course using the Import Content feature in Canvas. The key is to begin the copy process in your destination course (the course you will teach from).

How to Build A Course From Scratch 

Cross-listing course sections

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course you can cross-list the course sections to create one Canvas course to teach from. This combines enrollments from all sections into one course. Posted announcements will go to all students and can not be differentiated, however, you can send out messages to specific sections using the Canvas inbox.

Cross-Listing Course How To's

Student Access to Canvas Course

Students will be able to access the course in Canvas on the first day of the term once the course is published. If you would like your students to be able to access the course sooner than the first day, you need to change the start date of the course from the settings page. 

Publish Your Course