Canvas Procedures for End of the Term

Finalize Grades

  1. Make sure all graded assignments have a graded value. You must manually add a ‘0’ to the gradebook column of any ungraded or unsubmitted assignment in order for Canvas to calculate the correct final grade for both student and instructor view. Using the ‘treat ungraded as zero’ option only reflects the change of grade in the instructor’s view.
  2. Unmute Assessments. Ensure all assignments and assessments are not muted so that students can view their grades.
  3. Post Grades to Web4U. Please contact the registrar at 360-650-7912 if you have any questions about posting grades. 

Canvas Course Access: When will my course conclude and what can I do in a concluded course?

All courses will auto-conclude at the end of the day Friday after grades are due. A concluded Canvas course becomes an archive of the course in a read-only format for both faculty and students. Nothing new can be added to a concluded course, but instructors can continue to import content from a concluded course, review the gradebook and download student submissions.

Faculty can override the auto-conclusion of their courses by customizing the start and end dates of their course. Below are guides on how to edit the start/end dates, restrict student access to files and folders and how to set up a course for a student with an incomplete.

  1. How do I override the start and end date of my course? Before the term is over, faculty can override the auto-conclude function using the term dates within the course settings. Overriding the conclude function will keep the course in an active state for all enrollments.
  2. How do I prohibit students from viewing specific files after the course has concluded?
  3. What do I do if I have a student with an incomplete?  If you have a student taking an incomplete, you will need to keep your student active in the course after the term concludes.