Can my department request a shared G Suite account?

G Suite Availability

G Suite (Google) apps are offered as an option for faculty, staff, and students to use as individuals. When you use an address to sign in to G Suite, you must sign in as yourself using the following format:

  • Your
  • Your WWU universal password

If your group would like a virtual space for collaboration, create an Office 365 Group or a Team that will allow you to:

  • Participate in group discussions by emailing the group directly from within Outlook, or via a group discussion page in Office 365. Teams will allow you to communicate with other members via group chat.
  • Share documents, spreadsheets and other files with the group's shared document library
  • Share information via the group's OneNote Notebook
  • View all group events via a shared group calendar in Outlook or in Office 365
  • Share and assign tasks with Office 365 Planner

If you prefer to use Google Docs and Sheets, you can share them from your personal G Suite account and then use the Office 365 Group for everything else. Please keep in mind that when you share something out of a personal account, the people you share it with will lose access to the content when you leave the university. Files that need to remain with a department or group should be stored in a shared location like an Office 365 Group, SharePoint site, or in a shared folder on the P: Drive.