10-digit dialing is now required for local calls


Starting July 29, 2017, all local calls made within Western Washington will require 10-digit dialing even if you are dialing within the same area code. This impacts numbers in the 206, 253, 360, and 425 area codes.

Actions Required:

  • Dial 81+areacode+number when dialing out. 
    • This rule applies to the majority of phones on campus that are on the analog PBX system. Skype for Business Enterprise Voice users do not need to dial "81." 
  • Reprogram any systems currently programmed with 7-digit dialing (e.g., fax machines, mobile phones, security or alarm systems)
    • 10-digit dialing works now, so you can reprogram before July 29th 
  • Make sure to include your area code when you share your number with anyone

Additional Information:

  • Long distance calls still require 1 + the 10-digit number
  • There are no changes in campus-to-campus dialing or 911
  • A new area code is coming to western Washington
  • Existing phone numbers will not be changed
If you have questions, please contact WWU’s Enterprise Infrastructure Services at 360.650.3600 or the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.