Generative AI for Students and Educators

Futuristic classroom with instructor and students - generated by Dall-E

Ready to harness the risks and rewards of generative artificial intelligence (AI)?  This technology has revolutionized teaching and learning in higher education, presenting many implications, challenges, and opportunities.  ATUS Learning Systems and the Center for  Instructional Innovation and Assessment have prepared a comprehensive collection of resources for both teachers and learners to help guide your success. 

Academic Uses of AI for Students  

Includes a comparison of Generative AI products as well as advice covering the following questions: 

  • What is AI? 

  • How can I be sure it is OK to use AI? 

  • How can using AI be beneficial in my education? 

  • How can using AI be a bad idea in my education? 

  • How do I cite AI-generated work? 

  • What AI generator products are useful? 

  • How do I write a prompt for an AI generator? 

  • How do I critically review AI results? 

  • How do I show that I did not use AI? 

  • What do I do if a professor accuses me of AI plagiarism? 

AI and Chatbots Teaching Considerations

Includes how to rethink teaching practices to discourage unauthorized use of generative AI, curriculum design considerations, and how to use AI as a learning tool. 

FAQs: Generative AI in Teaching, Learning, & Technology Guidelines 

Includes background information on AI, considerations and policies, and AI-detection resources. 

Evaluating Student Work When AI is Suspected 

includes strategies and tools for evaluating student work, advice for discussing with students, and ways to resolve the situation. 

Flowchart: Pathways for Academic Uses of AI at WWU  

Step-by-step guidance for making decisions about the use of generative AI for both faculty and students in both graphic and text formats. 

Additional Western Resources

For more information, please review the following:  

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