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Fall Teaching & Learning Support

ATUS and CIIA have a wide variety of resources for Fall 2020 teaching and learning, including live sessions, self-enrollment courses, and online documents. 

"Live" Learning Opportunities

Access links and recordings are all on one page: ATUS-CIIA Self-Enroll Canvas course

  • Tech Happy Hour Fridays (Oct. 9-Nov. 20, 4-4:45PM)
    Join us for conversations on a new topic each week including strategies for attendance, office hours, plagiarism detection, and new features in Canvas, Zoom, Teams, and more.
  • What's New in Zoom? (Wed. Oct. 14, 3:30-4:30)
    ATUS staff will demonstrate what you can do with the new "single sign on" implementation of Zoom including requiring authentication, expanded cloud storage, pre-assigned breakout rooms, and more.
  • A Panopto Preview: Creating & Managing Videos (Thurs. Nov. 19, 1-2PM)
    Western has purchased Panopto, a robust platform for creating and sharing on-demand videos. Set to roll out campus-wide in Winter Quarter, ATUS will demonstrate some of its powerful features, including Canvas integration, hosting, recording, editing, quizzing, and captioning.
  • Panopto Training Webinars by Panopto (several dates)
    Designed for new users and beginners who would like to learn how to use the Panopto software. These webinars will cover creating, managing, and editing sessions as well as navigating the Panopto interface.
  • Microsoft Teams training - coming soon!

Top 7 Zoom Things To Know (Fall 2020)

  1. Ask Students to Activate & Confirm Zoom for Western: Using their WWU-provided Zoom account to log in may be required for some Zoom meetings.
  2. Update Zoom Software via Web or by Using the App: New features and security options release frequently.
  3. Record to the Cloud: Yes, we have the space! You can include a basic transcript and share (and later remove) recordings easily. 
  4. Learn about Authentication & Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms - Require participants log in through WWU and explore the Breakout Room pre-assign option.
  5. Consider Recurring Meetings with No Fixed Time: For classes or office hours, simplify your meetings.
  6. Try a new Zoom Virtual Background: CIIA students created a collection of open licensed WWU/local photos designed to be virtual backgrounds if your computer allows. See also Alumni and Design System for other options.
  7. Stop fumbling! (Learn Shortcuts): Practice makes perfect but it can be useful to learn just a few keyboard shortcuts.

DIY Learning Opportunities


Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 9:46am