Parabolic Microphone Reflector

Model Number: 
SME PR-1000
View of the parabolic reflector with the microphone attached
Usage Instructions: 

The SME PR-1000 parabolic microphone reflector is designed to collect sound falling on its surface to a focal point while supplying increased sensitivity and directionality as compared to a conventional shotgun microphone.

Environmental recordings, research and development situations, nature studies and a myriad of other applications restricted only by the operator's imagination, are prime uses for the SME PR-1000.


  • Manufactured by Saul Mineroff Electronics.
  • 18 inch (460mm) diameter precision parabolic reflector
  • Manufactured from gray epoxiated aluminum
  • Weighs approx. 2lbs (entirely equipped)
  • Comfortable grip handle (tripod mountable)
  • Increased directionality at both high and mid frequencies
  • Transparent focal view point at center of dish
  • Adjustable sliding microphone arm for best focal point setting
  • Rubberized plastic microphone holder helps absorbs sock
  • Can be carried on shoulder with supplied shoulder strap
  • Effective frequency response range: 300 Hz - 20,000 Hz
  • Recommended for use with: Sennheiser ME62K6 Power ModuleMZW64 Windscreen
Equipment Secondary Image: 
View of the reflector from the rear