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The Compression Zone Microphone (CZM) is a truly unique engineering achievement. The unique design of its patented sound wave guide makes it the world’s only radially directional acoustical microphone. It outperforms the specificity of directional microphones and the reach of parabolic and boundary microphones.

Whether you are an audio/visual technician, wildlife researcher, sound engineer, or amateur recordist —the CZM Microphone technology will impress you by its reach, sensitivity and excellent tonal quality. In many respects it “hears” like a human ear—from all directions and from great distances—making it an excellent choice for outdoor monitoring and recording applications.  Biologists and ornithologists across Canada are saying that the CZM microphone capabilities are “just like being there.”

Unique Features Instructions

Microphone Element:

Panasonic Electret 6mm; Model WV-61A; (Can withstand direct exposure to harsh environments.)

S/N Ratio:

Estimated @ 72 dB (using 90 SPL reference level)

Frequency Response:

50 Hz – 20 kHz (Panasonic Electret 6 mm WV-61A spec)

Polar Pattern (directivity):

360 degrees radial

Max SPL:

110 SPL

Impedance (output):

150 Ohm

Microphone Element Operating Voltage:

2-10 volts

Signal to Digital and Analogue File Types:

Uncompressed audio formats, Lossless Compression formats, Lossy Compression formats (See Compatibility List)

Phantom Power Option:

Yes; 12-48 volts



XLR in the base; mini XLR; configurable for other connectors

Current Drain:

4-8 milliamps with supplied microphone pre-amp; with direct connection to Electret microphone 1 milliamp


Extruded injection-molded polycarbonate or laminated wood; variety of colours camouflage, Variety of colours; laminated light or dark oak, walnut, or other wood finishes, rubber feet

Operating Temperatures:

-31.5 to +65.5 deg. C. (-25 to +150 deg. F.) Lower operating temperatures are acceptable; however, the sensitivity is slightly reduced.


10.5" diameter / 2" deep


1.59 kg; 3.5 lbs

Listen to a selection of sound clips made with the CZM microphone.

Important: It is the responsibility of the installation company and end user to install any audio listening devices and surveillance equipment in compliance with provincial/state and federal privacy laws. If you are unfamiliar with these laws, consult a qualified attorney.

Learn how CZM microphone technology provides improved audio monitoring and recording, compared to directional, omnidirectional, parabolic and boundary microphones.

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