DMC Advisory Group


The DMC Advisory Group is charged with guiding the strategic direction of the Digital Media Center (DMC) as a facility serving all WWU colleges and students with technologies and services supporting new media production. The group is to review and recommend annual and long-term priorities, operating policies and practices considering the needs of faculty, students and the institution. Members will also serve as advocates for the mission of the DMC, which is to advance digital media literacies across the curriculum. The Group will meet two to three times each academic year.


Membership of the Group will consist of one representative from each of the colleges including the Western Libraries and one representative from University Relations. Members are appointed directly by the Vice President or Dean of each unit. Initial appointments will be for either one- or two-year terms, as organized by the Manager of the DMC, in order to create staggered vacancies. Following appointments will be for two-year terms.


Members will communicate the activities of the DMC within their home colleges and units through established communication channels thereof. The DMC Advisory Group will provide a report to the Executive Committee on an annual basis and seek advice from the Executive Committee as needed.

Membership Fall 2017​

  • Elizabeth Boroughs, Associated Students
  • Paul Cocke, University Communications
  • Paula Dagnon, Elementary Ed
  • Joe Gosen, Journalism
  • Mark Miller, Fairhaven
  • Madelynne Nore, Associated Students
  • Jeff Purdue, Libraries
  • Nick Stanger, Environmental Studies
  • Chris Vargas, Art
  • Vacant, CBE
  • Vacant, CSE
  • Vacant, CHSS

ATUS Staff

  • Deran Browne, Manager, Digital Media Center
  • Robert Clark, Manager, Video Services
  • John Farquhar, Director, ATUS
  • Michael Wilder, Assistant Director of ATUS for Teaching, Learning & Technology

Meeting Minutes