COVID-19 Symptom Attestation

Campus Network and Internet Outage from 5 PM on 9/11 to 8 PM on 9/12

9/12/2020, 4:15 PM, UPDATE: The network upgrade is complete and production systems/services are accessible again, with the following known exceptions:

  1. - COVID attestation forms and reports are not yet available without a vpn connection. 
  2. - "My Profile" in Self-Service Banner will be slow to load for the time being, unless you are on campus or on vpn.
  3. - University Police reporting software (ARMS) may be slow to load for the time being.
  4. - IT admins and analysts may experience issues with test systems this weekend, such as PPRD Job Submission.

9/12/2020, 10:00 AM, UPDATE: It may be possible to connect to some campus web pages and services throughout the day, but as network maintenance continues they could become inaccessible again.

*****Original Message Follows*****
9/11/2020, 5:00 PM to 9/12/2020, 8:00 PM: To perform critical network infrastructure upgrades, the campus network and internet connection will be offline from 5:00 PM on Friday, 9/11/2020, until 8:00 PM on Saturday, 9/12/2020.  During this time no internal network services will function and no internet access will be available. All internally networked university systems will be unavailable from on or off campus. External cloud services like Microsoft 365 (e.g., Email, OneDrive, Teams) and Canvas will still be available. This scheduled outage has been communicated to all faculty, staff, and students via email. To see a copy of the email, with more detailed information, click the link below.