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ATUS Seeks Internal Budget Allocations

Through the University’s internal budget allocation process, ATUS has submitted three requests targeted at sustaining key services. The requests seek to provide permanent funding for staffing within Video Services, a continuous classroom audiovisual replacement process, and operations of the new Digital Media Center.

The request for Video Services would allow us to continue meeting the extraordinary increase in demand we’ve received for video production at Western. Since 2011, demand for institutional video production has more than tripled. The increased workload has been met through the addition of staffing on temporary funding. If new funding is not allocated, then our current support for programs would be curtailed significantly. This has an impact on the use of video in the classroom, online, and through our public-facing cable outlets.

A second request is for a sustainable model of replacing classroom technologies. ATUS is responsible for equipping nearly 150 General University Classrooms and Labs with the ability to project media from a variety of sources. Western has about $1.2 million of equipment installed in classrooms across campus. Given standard equipment life cycles, we should replace about $130,000 of this equipment each year. The current ATUS budget is not able to accommodate the full replacement cost. If not replaced, projection equipment in classrooms will fail.

A final request is to provide operational funding and equipment replacement for the new Digital Media Center. Identified as a priority for capital funding in 2013, the DMC is now staffed and open to support students and classes studying visual literacies. Without providing operational support for the DMC, this new facility will quickly become an underutilized and outdated facility.

For more information, the three proposals can be found at the Budget Office website:

Monday, May 1, 2017 - 3:15pm