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Administrative Application Issues for Banner, Degree Works, NolijWeb

3/25/2021, 1:00 PM: 

The following issues have been RESOLVED:

  • Degree Works errors
  • Banner Admin Pages Slow to Load
  • Banner Data Transfer Slow to Upload
  • Intermittent Connectivity Loss to UISAP/TISAP
  • Intermittent Connectivity Loss to All Oracle Database Servers
  • Slow Network Speeds for KUGS-FM
  • Slow Network Speeds for Student Health Center (mostly resolved)
  • Slow internet performance while connected to full-tunnel VPN
  • Slow network drive performance over VPN

The root cause of these problems appeared to be transmission errors between the campus firewall and the datacenter distribution routers.  We are still seeing some issues on our primary internet service, but we will not be switching service as planned until the provider has more time to investigate.

3/25/2021, 8:00 AM: We are investigating reports of long load times and slow performance for administrative applications such as Banner Admin Pages, Degree Works, and NolijWeb. The applications themselves are working, but you may experience unusual delays while using them until the issue is resolved.